Residential/Professional Zero-Turn Rider Promotion

Cub Cadet: Residential/Professional Zero-Turn Rider Promotion

Cub Cadet


Offer valid on:
  • RZT residential zero-turn rider models (RZT L34, RZT L42 KH, RZT L46 FAB KW, RZTL50 FAB KW, and RZT L54 FAB KH)  
  • Z-Force residential zero-turn rider models (Z-FORCE L48, Z-FORCE L54, Z-FORCE L60, Z-FORCE S48, Z-FORCE S54, Z-FORCE S60, Z-FORCE LX48, Z-FORCE LX54, Z-FORCE LX60, Z-FORCE SX48, Z-FORCE SX54, and Z-FORCE SX60).
  • PRO Z 100 professional zero-turn rider models (PRO Z 148L EFI, PRO Z 154L EFI, PRO Z 160L EFI, PRO Z 160L KW, PRO Z 148S EFI, PRO Z 154S EFI, PRO Z 160S EFI, and PRO Z 160S KW).    
  • Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.
  • Models subject to limited availability.
  • Valid From: June 8, 2018 - July 3, 2018